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2004Evaluation on the effect of acupuncture on cerebral palsy: Randomized control study to 150 casesLiu Z HChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )8610911093
2005Evaluation with isodynamic time-measuring method and acupuncture treatment with muscle-region needling for limb spasmYue Z H; J L Yuan; J M JiangChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )91244246
1999Event related fMRIによる補足運動野活動の検討福永雅喜明治鍼灸医学-248586
2011Evidence on acupuncture safety needs to be based on large-scale prospective surveys, not single case reportsWitt, C M; Lao, L; MacPherson, HPain15292180-
2003Evidence-based complementary medicine for palliative cancer care: Does it make sense?Ernst E; J Filshie; J HardyPalliative Medicine ( PALLIATIVE MED )178704707
2005Evidence-based medicine and clinical trials in pain practice and orthopedicsGerdesmeyer L; H Gollwitzer; P Diehl; K WagnerPain Practice ( PAIN PRACT )54289297
2000Evidence-based medicine: Risk or chance for complementary medicine?Noack R HDeutsche Zeitschrift fur Akupunktur ( DTSCH Z AKUPUNKT )4311016
2000Evidence-Based Medicineと鍼灸研究津嘉山 洋; 山下 仁; TSUKAYAMA Hiroshi; YAMASHITA Hitoshi全日本鍼灸学会誌503415423
2005Evidence-based practice in laparoscopic surgery: Perioperative careGoldfaden A; J D BirkmeyerSurgical Innovation ( SURG INNOV )1215161
2001Examining the evidence about treatment in ALS/MNDMiller R GAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Other Motor Neuron Disorders ( AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLER OTHER MOT NEURON DISORD )2137
2012Exercise and Auricular Acupuncture for Chronic Low-back Pain: A Feasibility Randomized-controlled TrialHunter, R. F.; McDonough, S. M.; Bradbury, I; Liddle, S. D.; Walsh, D. M.; Dhamija, S; Glasgow, P; Gormley, G; McCann, S. M.; Park, J; Hurley, D. A.The Clinical journal of pain283259267
2005Expectancy and belief modulate the neuronal substrates of pain treated by acupuncture.Pariente J; White P; Frackowiak RS; Lewith G.NeuroImage25411611168
2005Experiment on expression of nm23-1 gene in lung cancer mice affected by cantharidinLi X W; N L Li; L Y Zhao; Y Q LiChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )9479698
2006Experiment on the analgesic effect of cataplasma bingxin pasteSun S L; D F Huang; L P Yu; Q S YeChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )10195962
2005Experimental study on the acupuncture induced brain ischemic toleranceSun Z R; W Tang; L L Shan; L Zhang; W WangChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )91122123
2006Exploratory analysis of the usefulness of acupressure bands when severe chemotherapy-related nausea is expected.Roscoe JA; Jean-Pierre P; Morrow GR; Hickok JT; Issell B; Wade JL; King DK.Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology411620
2013Extending the CONSORT Statement to moxibustionCheng, CW; Fu, SF; Zhou, QH; Wu, TX; Shang, HC; Tang, XD; Liu, ZS; Liu, J; Lin, ZX; Lao, L; Lü, AP; Zhang, BL; Liu, BY; Bian, ZXJournal of Integrative Medicine1115463
2005External application of chinese drugs on acupoint Shenque combined with salpingostomy for treatment of sterility caused by obstruction of the fallopian tube--a clinical report of 45 cases.Huang J.Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( J TRAD CHIN MED )253174180
2002Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for lateral epicondylitis - A double blind randomised controlled trialSpeed C A; D Nichols; C Richards; H Humphreys; J T Wies; S Burnet; B L HazlemanJournal of Orthopaedic Research ( J ORTHOP RES )205895898
2008F1脾良導絡と自律神経失調症 良導絡チャートの客観性今井力; 今井素子; 迫田英子日本良導絡自律神経学会雑誌(0913-0977)5342121
2006Factors that influence the applicability of sham needle in acupuncture trials: two randomized, single-blind, crossover trials with acupuncture-experienced subjects.Tsukayama H; Yamashita H; Kimura T; Otsuki K.The Clinical journal of pain224346355
2002Falciparum malaria treated by co-application of acupuncture and arteannuin in central Africa:a clinical studyGao Y; J HuangInt J Clin Acupunct124323329
2002Fibromyalgia syndromeSmith H S; J F AudetteProgress in Anesthesiology ( PROG ANESTHESIOL )1614219230
2005Fibromyalgia/chronic pain syndrome: An alternative medicine perspectiveKo G D; S Whitmore; B Gottfried; A Hum; M Rahman; G Traitses; S Loong; K Steward; D BerbrayerCritical Reviews in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine ( CRIT REV PHYS REHABIL MED )171130
2004First oral results from the accompanying researchStor WDeutsche Zeitschrift fur Akupunktur ( DTSCH Z AKUPUNKT )4744043
2002Five easy pieces on evidence-based medicineKalso E; J Edwards; H J McQuay; R A MooreEuropean Journal of Pain ( EUR J PAIN )618993
2006fMRIによる触覚と聴覚の相互作用眞野博彰; 梅田雅宏; 田中忠蔵; 樋口敏宏; 福永雅喜明治鍼灸医学-3749-
2001Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies 誌収載[鍼灸関係論文]の日本語訳について津谷喜一郎医道の日本6021418
2007FOLFOX-6療法の長期継続によりPRが得られた直腸癌術後脳脊髄転移の1例窪田健; 神山順; 糸井啓純日本癌治療学会誌(0021-4671)422715715
2005For fibromyalgia, which treatments are the most effective?Yousefi P; J CoffeyJournal of Family Practice ( J FAM PRACT )541210941095
2001Forty-five cases of apoplexy treated by electroacupuncture at the points of yin meridians.Li J.Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( J TRAD CHIN MED )2112022
2005Forty-six cases of the nerve root-involved cervical spondylopathy treated by needling the "Sitian" points.Dong H; Wang X; Meng X; Liu G.Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( J TRAD CHIN MED )253163168
2006Four methods of estimating the minimal important difference score were compared to establish a clinically significant change in Headache Impact Test.Coeytaux RR; Kaufman JS; Chao R; Mann JD; Devellis RF.Journal of Clinical Epidemiology ( J CLIN EPIDEMIOL )594374454
2004Frequent ventricular extrasystole treated by needling neiguan (PC 6) plus oral administration of mexiletine--a report of 30 cases.Zhang J; Xu W.Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( J TRAD CHIN MED )2414041
2007Fu's subcutaneous needling: possible clinical evidence of the subcutaneous connective tissue in acupuncture.Fu ZH; Wang JH; Sun JH; Chen XY; Xu JG.Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine ( J ALTERN COMPLEMENT MED )1314751
2009functional dyspepsiaに対する鍼通電の効果 胃電図を用いた評価の試み今井賢治; 谷口博志; 吉元授; 大宮周作; 東美幸; 田口玲奈; 北小路博司日本自律神経学会総会プログラム・抄録集62回-212212
2010functional dyspepsiaに対する鍼通電の効果 胃電図を用いた評価の試み今井賢治; 谷口博志; 吉元授; 大宮周作; 東美幸; 田口玲奈; 北小路博司自律神経(0288-9250)472176176
2005Functional magnetic resonance imaging of real and sham acupuncture. Noninvasively measuring cortical activation from acupuncture.Parrish TB; Schaeffer A; Catanese M; Rogel MJ.IEEE engineering in medicine and biology magazine2423540
2004Functional MRI in healthy subjects during acupuncture: different effects of needle rotation in real and false acupoints.Fang JL; Krings T; Weidemann J; Meister IG; Thron A.Neuroradiology465359421
2002Fusion surgery is slightly better than non-surgical treatment in patients with severe chronic non-specific low back pain: CommentaryHolm IAustralian Journal of Physiotherapy ( AUST J PHYSIOTHER )482133-
2003Future of Korea and Japan's Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medical Interrelationship金甲成; KIM Kap Sung全日本鍼灸学会誌534550-
2005General situation of electro-acupuncture in treating depressive disorders: Comparing the effect with that of drug therapySha YChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )944181183
2004German acupuncture trialsDiener H C; J Kramer; F Wippermann; A Molsberger; H Schafer; N Victor; H J Trampisch; M ZenzZeitschrift fur Arztliche Fortbildung und Qualitatssicherung ( Z ARZTL FORTBILD QUALSICH )986468471
2007German Acupuncture Trials (GERAC) for chronic low back pain: randomized, multicenter, blinded, parallel-group trial with 3 groups.Haake M; Muller HH; Schade-Brittinger C; Basler HD; Schaefer H; Maier C; Endres HG; Trampisch HJ; Molsberger A.Arch Intern Med1671718921900
2005Glucose metabolism in different brain areas of vascular dementia patients after acupuncture at BaihuiHuang Y; X S Lai; J Chen; D J Li; A W Tang; M H O Win; H O FenandaChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )9366870
Showing results 1120 to 1169 of 22867
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